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Yucaipa Bike Center

Yucaipa Bike Center - Who We Are


  • But for the Satisfaction of Each and Every customer of Yucaipa Bike Center. 


Where do we stand? That’s right, in your shoes. 

  • Here at the Yucaipa Bike Center, our core value is to treat our customer how we would like to be treated as if we were shopping at Yucaipa Bike Center. 


No Pretenses, just the love of all bicycles, riders and rides. 

  • Whether you’re a professional rider, enthusiast, interested in starting a personal or family bicycle relationship, or just plain like the smell and atmosphere of a bicycle shop, please stop by and visit, we would love to see you.


Not too cold and not too hot, just right. 

  • Ever regretted a purchase? Our goal is for you to love what you purchase from Yucaipa Bike Center. We don’t just hope this, we will spend the necessary time, as a friend would, to understand you desires and needs, and then help guide you to the best fit for your current and future needs and budget, in other words – A Great Value delivered with a smile and handshake.


Fits like a Glove 

  • What size is right for me? No need to worry. We will provide, at no charge, all the necessary fitting including full body measurements, physical assessment and translation to your new bicycle from Yucaipa Bike Center.


Who you gonna call? -  Yucaipa Bike Center! 

  • I need help! Our service department can help provide the solution with friendly, honest and expert service. Over Thirty Years combined service experience combined with the top industry certifications from Barnett Institute, United Bicycle Institute, Shimano S-Tec and Cycling USA.


Grassroots and Sunshine. 

  • In the Community, Yucaipa Bike Center supports local youth programs, such as Boy Scouts of America, middle and high school mountain bike teams. We participate in Bicycle Safety Rodeo Events, sponsored by local Sheriff’s Departments’, which provide free bicycle and helmet inspections for the local kids. We sponsor and donate to Ride Your Self Fit, Redlands Waterbottle Transit Authority, Inland Empire Bike Alliance and Yucaipa BMX Track, along with donations and support for YAPs, local teams and charity events.