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Service Packages

Single Speed Tune Up


+ Brake Adjustment

+ Bottom braket Adjustment 

+ Spot Wheel True

+ Headset Adjustment

+ Hub Adjustments

+ Chain and External Lubrication

Basic Tune Up


Includes all Single-Speed Tune-Up Services PLUS:

+ Brake Adjustments *

+ Gear Adjustments

+ Surface Wipe Down

*(disc brake caliper and or bleed  service is additional)

Ultra Tune Up


Includes all Basic Tune-Up Services

+ Remove and Clean Chain Cassette and Crankset

+ Clean and Polish Frame & Fork

+ Clean Components

+ Inspect Frame and Components

+ Check Suspension

Complete Overhaul


Complete disassembly and re-assembly of
bike. Includes all Ultra Tune-Up Services

+Clean and Inspect all parts

+ Full Detail Clean of Frame and Fork

+ Full disassembly and reassembly of Hubs, Headset, and Bottom Bracket with fresh grease and bearings.*

*(Cartridge Bearings will be wiped down and or replaced as necessary)


Labor Only - Parts, Accessories, Tax and Installation of Parts and Accessories are Additional, except if otherwise noted.

Aero Bar Install $20Derailleur Adjustment (each)$15Fork Install ( Standard)$35
Aero Bar Install w/Shifters$50Derailleur Cable/Housing Install$20Fork Install ( Double Crown)$45
Grip Installed $6Derailleur (F) Install & Adjust$30Fork Overhaul (Suspension)$60
Handlebar Road Install w/controls and Tape      

Derailleur (R) Install & Adjust$30Headset Adjust$10
Internal Handlebar cable routing x 4 )  add$48Shifter/Lever Road Mechanical  Install (Each)$40Headset Install or Overhual$25-35
Handlebar MTN Install w/controls  & Grips
Shifter/Lever Road Electronic Install (Each)

Handle Bar Tape Wrap$12Shifter/Lever MTN (Each)$20
Stem Install$10-20
Brake Adjust (ea)$15Hub Adjust$12Baby Seat$15
Brake Bleed (ea)$35Hub Overhaul Ft$12Basket Install Baby Seat w/Rack  $8
Brake - Hydraulic Install (ea)$50Hub Overhual Rear Cass/FW$25Box Bike for Shipping$75
Brake -Rime Mech Install (ea)$25Hub Overhaul Coaster Brake$25- Wheesl Only$25
>Brake Lever w/o Shift Install (ea)$17Hub Overhaul Internal Gear$45- Frame Only$35
Brake Pad Install Non Disc (Pr)$8Hub Overhaul Chris King Rear$40- Tri-Bike$100
Disc Brake pad Install and Caliper Clean$12Tube/Tire Install (each)  $8Cleat Installation$6
Disc Brake Caliper or Lever Rebuild (ea)$40Tubeless Tape Set Up (ea)$12Computer Install (Wired)$20
Wheel True (Standard)$15Computer Install (Wireless)$15
Wheel True Tubeless$20Computer w/Cadence Install$25
Wheel True w/Spoke(s)$25-40Electonic Shifting System Diagnostic$40
Wheel Build$40-60Fender Install$25
LLight Set Install$5-10
Rack Install (Bike)$10
Bottom Bracket Adjust$20Pro New YBC Purchase$150Power Meter Crankset Install$60
Bottom Bracket Overhual/Replace$30Pro Outside Purchase & Used  
$300Saddle Install  $5
Cassette/Freewheel$10w/electronic Shifting - Add$50Supension Pivot & Part Overhaul$60-120
Chain Install and Adjust$12    w/Hydraulic brakes -  Add$50Storage Fee ( per Day)$5
Chainring Install w/o Crank Removal$12Boxed Bike Assembly:Training Wheels$10
Chainring Install w/ Crank Removal$20        With Tune-up
Crankset Install$20        With Tune-up & Hydraulic Brakes$120