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Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

We want you to love riding your bike!


  • Comfort is the number one objective in creating this relationship with you and your bike. Just imagine when you’re comfortable, you’ll ride more often, ride greater distances, increase your performance and in turn look and feel great to boot.


  • Effective Position and efficiency on your bike are also important part of the relationship with you and your bike. They can enable you to go further and or faster, thus enticing you to greater adventures.


  • In order to help you with selecting the proper bike size and then fitting you to the bike, we utilize one the first fitting systems in the world, Fit Kit System.


Fit Kit System

  • Originally developed by the New England Cycling Academy, in 1979, it soon became the official equipment of the US National Cycling Team and used in the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and has been used world-wide for the last thirty years.

    It’s based on four primary anatomical measurements: 

    1.       Foot

    2.       Inseam length

    3.       Torso Length

    4.       Arm Length        

    *When necessary, additional measurements can be performed for Seat tube angle relationship to Tibia/Femur

    Of course, there are other individual considerations:

    1.       Age

    2.       Flexibility

    3.       Riding Style

    4.       Pre-Existing Conditions – physical limitations or injuries


    • Once all factors are taken into account, including interview and discussions about personal goals, both current and future and the individual considerations, the measurements are applied in a special calculator, which utilizes empirical research data gathered from measuring thousands of cyclists as opposed to the mathematical formula based algorithms.


    •  Once the the measurements are applied, we now have your proper bike size and will place your bike on a trainer and fine tune the position of the seat and handlebars while we observe you on your bike.


    • We also provide fitting services for those wanting cleated pedal system.


    Like many Yucaipa Bike Center customers out loving their bike, we are here to help you to start a special relationship with your bike.